My dad does this thing, where he’ll let a mosquito drink as much from him as it can, but once it starts to itch, he’ll swat it. He says he does this because “if you ask something of someone, do not hurt them in taking it.”

I think he’s just trying to breed non-itchy mosquito’s.

Anonymous: Hello, I had a question that's been on my mind for a long time now, maybe you can answer, do you know why Zaheer was locked up in the first place? He can't have been an airbender when they caught him, could he?


Zaheer and his cohorts were originally put away because they were trying to catch (and I’m going to assume to also permanently get rid of) the avatar. Aang instructed that they be locked away and whoever the next avatar is (in this case Korra) be held somewhere completely isolated/protected. This was for the next Avatar’s own protection because clearly The Red Lotus (Zaheer & Co) are highly skilled and determined individuals.

Zaheer’s airbending is just a result of this “airbending epidemic”sweeping the avatar world. I guess you could say he just got lucky. Still, he obviously knows a lot about airbenders and their culture so he is far more advanced then the others who recently discovered their bending abilities. 

hope this cleared things up for you. (:

I think that it was Tenzin who put them away, after their unsuccessful abduction attempt on baby Korra.